Drone and AI Technology Enthusiast


I'm Jonas, a dedicated innovator with a passion for drones and AI technology. Throughout my journey, I've discovered that these technologies aren't just fascinating — they have the power to revolutionize industries, from enhancing safety to driving efficiency.

With this in mind, I co-founded Aerodetect. We specialize in aerial inspection services, using cutting-edge drones and AI software to deliver accurate and reliable inspections. Our ultimate goal? To help businesses like yours become safer, more efficient, and more data-driven.

We're committed to staying ahead in this rapidly evolving field. That's why we continually invest in research and development, and why we're always eager to explore new collaborations and partnerships. We firmly believe that teamwork drives innovation and success.

Whether you're interested in a partnership, or you're simply looking to improve your business's efficiency and safety with our aerial inspections, I'm excited to hear from you. Get in touch today to explore what Aerodetect can do for your business. Let's embrace the future of inspection technology, together.